Day 178 – ‘Wonder Woman’

It’s amazing.

“Wonder Woman” is a charming and fun (if not a tad cheesy) flick, an excellent summer blockbuster and the first post-Nolan DC Comics movie that’s actually good. (“Man of Steel” was fine, I guess. “Batman vs Superman” was a car crash, and “Suicide Squad” … less said the better.)

Gal Gadot is captivating as Diana Prince, and not just because she’s gorgeous. Gadot is funny, courageous and tough. She’s worthy of the role and the movie makes very clear that Wonder Woman isn’t eye candy. She’s a badass. I hope that in “Justice League,” Bruce Wayne is slightly intimidated by her, because he should be.

Gadot hangs well on-screen with Chris Pine, and the two show remarkable chemistry as Prince experiences the world for the first time. Pine’s as charming as ever, but also heroic. He’s effectively James T. Kirk in World War I, and I don’t care and neither should you.

Of course, Prince doubts herself and her upbringing at critical moments — expected, sure — but the tone of the movie has you rooting for her and for Pine’s Steve Trevor. And when she starts to really let loose and show how powerful she is? Damn.

I’ll simply say this: the “No Man’s Land” scene is one of the very best in any comic book movie. It’s up there with “Wanna see a magic trick?” and “Yeah, I can fly” and “We have a Hulk” and anything else. It’s awesome.

WB and DC needed a hit. The cultural reaction to the DC Extended Universe has been, shall we say, a tad tepid. This was the home run they needed. Weird how it works, eh? Maybe comic book movies can be fun! Crazy.

Long live Wonder Woman.


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