Day 180 – Cornell and Vedder

Ever since the tragic passing of Chris Cornell, I’ve spent a lot more time with Seattle’s early 90s bands, including Soundgarden (and by extension, Cornell’s solo work and with Audioslave) and Pearl Jam. In a sense, I’m bummed I waited this long.

I’m fascinated by great vocalists of any kind or shape, and in any genre. For the rock side, it’s Cornell, Vedder, Mercury, Plant, Hagar, Gillan and so, so many more. Beyond rock, voices like Cash, Sinatra, Wonder, Charles, Elton and on mesmerize me. A powerful vocal does more for me than any other instrument.

That makes Cornell and Vedder’s work especially appealing to me. Vedder especially can pack so much weight and pain into a performance, unlike really anyone I’ve ever heard. Cornell can do something similar, but the energy in his vocals are off the chart. He was a supernova.

And so, I present to you two amazing performances, one from each vocalist. Enjoy.

Pearl Jam – Black

Chris Cornell – Nothing Compares 2 U


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