Day 187 – ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

John Hughes + MCU. Turns out, it’s fun.

“Homecoming” is a cute, light-hearted romp of a comic book movie, full of heart, lacking in monumental story (refreshing, a la ‘Ant-Man’) but packed with one-liners and charm.

The backstory, in case you don’t know: this isn’t Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield. Tom Holland, returns as the wallcrawler after a fun debut in last year’s “Captain America: Civil War.” Turns out, a 15-year-old thrust in a battle with the gods leaves an impact.

“So, uh .. when is the next, you know, ‘retreat’?” Peter asks Tony Stark, his mentor (terrible as he might be) and supplier of tech. Parker desperately wants to be a part of the team, but frankly isn’t up to it. He’s a kid, full of spunk, not so good at the fighting yet.

I thought that was a good choice. He’s really more of a Spider-Teen or Spider-Boy at this point, and I suspect as Marvel cranks out more with him, we’ll see Parker develop into the legendary superhero he becomes in the comics.

But for now, he’s a peg or two below Iron Man, Captain America and the others. That’s great — it grounds this movie and gives us a long look at the person Parker is. We see the values and moral code that make him the leading hero in Marvel’s catalog. One of the most enduring traits of the Peter Parker character is willingness to do good no matter his current predicament. He’s a good man.

The relatively low stakes of “Homecoming” provide another perk, too. The audience spends time in the life Spidey has, both the good and the bad. It’s a treat seeing him marvel at knowing Stark, hearing him brag to his buddy Ned (hilarious, by the way) about having fought Captain America and overall just be a kid knocking on the door of an amazing new world.

But, some of that is for another time. No Thanos today, boys. Just homework and awkward homecoming proposals.

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