Day 192 – #AllRise

If you’re not into baseball, go ahead and tune away.


What is going on here? Is this real life? Are we on Mars? Is Judge from Mars? No one really knows, but suddenly the New York Yankees have a home-run mashing giant playing right field (seems … oddly … familiar …)

If the award was handed out today, Judge is the AL MVP and AL Rookie of the Year, a unique combination not found all that often. He’s not entirely out of nowhere, mind you — Judge was a good-to-great prospect — but no one saw this coming, likely including the Yankees. No one saw “AL MVP” in his future.

Judge is definitely hot, and so I hardly expect he’ll be the best player in baseball every year (caveat: Mike Trout is definitely better, and potentially one of the truly inner-circle great players of all time, but he’s not a Yankee so no one cares) but it is exciting to have someone smashing home runs like this.

And smash he does:

He’s like the Hulk:

The velocity of these homers is astounding. These aren’t arches — they’re cruise missiles. Judge is like a US Navy Destroyer, lobbing missiles from home plate against insurgents in the stands. No one is safe.

It remains to be seen how pitchers will begin to adjust to Judge (and they will), but it certainly looks like he’s going to be around for awhile, health permitting.


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